Ecotourism projects in Mayan Communities


Looking for some different tourism spots? Mayan communities in zones of high and very high marginalization are developing diverse ecotourism projects to reverse their economic situation, such as walks to cenotes (underground rivers), visits to crocodile farms or tours of the mangroves and coastal rivers.

The delegate of the National Commission for the Development of Indigenous People (CDI), Jesús Vidal Peniche visited these projects in the Mayan communities that offer new touristic experiences and at the same time combine with culturally sustainable proposals. For example the indigenous Mayans of Uman, part of the municipal of Merida, have opened the possibility of visiting 2 cenotes where you can cave dive and do a bike tour. In Temozón, in the east of the state, the ecotouristic Uh Najil Ek Bala development is found, an accommodation center with cabins completely equipped, camping, lookout to the archaeological zone of Ek Balam and visits to the ruins.

On the east coast in the municipal of Rio Lagartos you can visit a crocodile farm. This project is to reproduce this specie and from admiring these animals it is possible to know about their environment and natural habitat. In addition to finding this project “ in this place you will find the exact point between tranquillity and adventure, exploring its diverse ecosystems, beautiful beaches, the eye of water”.

In Progreso port you can find El Parador Ecoturistico La Ria, an exotic touristic center that combines the warm sand, mangroves and colourful flora and fauna of the area into a main ecotourist destination of the coastal area since 2005. Apart from enjoying the mangrove ecosystem, you can visit its islands, take tours in kayaks, boats and aquatic bicycles which allows the fisherman and their families to have a new touristic opportunity. After sunset nocturnal trips are offered, you can go through tunnels, admire flora and fauna without forgetting the regional food “that is one of the other delights of this tourist spot”.

You can also enjoy the recreational park of Jaltún, located in the coastal municipal of Celestún to the west of Merida state where its residents promote the environmental culture to conserve and preserve the biodiversity of the flora and fauna of the zone.

These are some of the projects from the Mayan communities to take advantage of the diversity of attractions that are found in the areas where they live which allow their conservation and a better economy for their families.


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