Over 5 thousand Marine Turtles released in Quintana Roo this year


Staff from the Secretary of Ecology and Environment have protected 428 nests of Loggerhead turtles and 460 White turtles in the current nesting season in the State Reserve of the Marine Turtle Sanctuary Xcacel-Xcacelito with each nest holding around 100 to 120 eggs.

A state official explained that of these 888 turtle nests, 5,390 young have been released but an estimated four thousand more have reached the sea from other nests in the reserve. Experts say that for every 100 young that make it to the sea only 1 or 2 will reach adulthood. The turtles nesting each year have variable behavior as some females nest up to every three or four years.

Agency head Rafael Muñoz Berzunza informed that they have taken special care to protect the nests in order to secure the release of the turtles. “The coastlines of Quintana Roo provide the ideal habitat for the feeding, resting and reproduction; 4 of the 6 species that exist in the world nest on the beaches of the state” added Muñoz Berzunza.

The sanctuary, located in the Riviera Maya, is a protected area that encompasses 362 hectares of land and sea with a great ecological richness; where you can admire different types of ecosystems from mangroves, to cenotes (underground rivers and caves) and coral reefs which create a beautiful landscape.

The Secretary of Ecology and Environment is preparing for the ‘XII Tulum Marine Turtle Festival 2014’ on 16th October which will take place in the State Reserve of the Marine Turtle Sanctuary Xcacel-Xcacelito. The event is aimed at promoting to the local population and visitors an interest in caring for the environment and respecting our natural resources especially the marine turtles and will mark the end of the nesting season.

Muñoz Berzunza thanked the cooperation and work in protecting and conserving the marine turtles from many organizations in the area such as Flora Fauna and Culture of Quintana Roo, the Akumal Ecological Center, the Marine Turtle State Committee, the Xel Ha park and the Tulum municipal.


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Watch how this cute baby turtle ‘runs’ into the ocean: