Whale shark shines in underwater fashion shoot


We are facing whale shark season and many people have already had the privilege of swimming with these mighty creatures of the sea. It’s truly a great experience to be so close to the biggest fish on earth. For some this might seem scary, but did you know they are super friendly?

For anyone still doubting that here are some amazing pictures published this week by the Telegraph, featuring models and whale sharks in an underwater fashion shoot at the Philippines. The models dove up to 25 feet to pose with these giants. They got help from the local fishermen who know how to interact with the sharks. Every now and then even treat them with some shrimp. It’s a great example of how friendly and approachable whale sharks are. As Photographer Shawn Heinrichs said: “Whale sharks are gentle animals and present zero threat to people.”

Want to see for yourself? Then join us on our next whale shark trip and maybe you will be posing with one of these magnificent animals too!

Visit the Telegraph to see the entire photo series shot by Shawn Heinrichs and Kristian Schmidt.