Scuba Diving Belize


The first question most people would ask is: where is Belize? It sounds like a place in South America or somewhere in Africa. Belize is located neither. Actually, Belize is just below Mexico, adjacent to Guatemala.

The Western Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean that surrounds Belize make for great scuba diving destinations. Among other things, you can also try snorkeling or boating in Belize.

Belize as a Diving Destination


The anonymity of the place is what tourists love most about Belize. It’s remote and far flung from the contemporary world. Yet, the place has all the convenience you could ask for in a modern lifestyle. Belize has always been there; it just seems no one notices it. That kept most of the ancient Mayan sites undiscovered in the remote parts of Belize. Anyway, what makes Belize a great scuba diving destination is the Belize Barrier Reef, an expansive reef of colorful corals that are home to thousands upon thousands of beautiful fishes.

Underwater Wildlife

The underwater wildlife in Belize is far beyond amazing. There are not enough words to describe the beauty of an unspoiled sea. The crystal clear waters teeming with schools of little fishes will get you awestricken more than you can imagine was possible.

All kinds of marine wildlife can be seen in the cayes; from fishes, shellfish, and other marine organisms, to sea birds and insects. The fact that the cayes are uninhabitable for humans only makes them more attractive to tourists.

Scuba Diving in Belize


Location of Diving Spots and Tourist Attractions

The Barrier Reef and the cayes, which is pronounced like the word keys, are the two major attractions in Belize. The barrier reef runs 185 miles long, which is the longest reef in the entire Western Hemisphere. Cayes are the coral and sand mangrove islands, which you’ve probably already seen once before on postcards. These small islands are located in between the mainland and the great Belize Barrier Reef. You can, in fact, reach them without getting past the offshore atolls.

There are different scuba diving levels in Belize. All ranges, from shore diving to deep sea diving, can be quickly arranged if you have a travel organizer. Even if you are by yourself, you can still hitch a ride with the regular scuba divers in the area and enjoy the aquatic beauty on your own. Day trippers prefer the shallow waters in the shore for scuba diving; some even go as far as the Belize Barrier. The others go way deeper into the Great Blue Hole, a popular scuba diving haunt in Belize that is more than 200 feet deep.


The barrier reef is the best diving spot for beginners, as the waters are relatively shallow and it’s easy to find the beautiful corals on the sea floor. At the Hol Chan Marine Park, now called the Shark-Ray Alley. Newbie scuba divers can learn to master their diving skills, learn about gears, see beautiful marine life, and many more. Long story short, if scuba diving is your game, there are so many options waiting for you in Belize.

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