The Home of 4,000 Mayan Pyramids


The place is called Cuatro Balam. It is located in Guatemala and is quickly becoming one of the most interesting places to go to if you want to see Mayan pyramids. Inside Cuatro Balam park there are up to 4,000 Mayan pyramids. The park was started under the former Guatemalan president Berger due to the citizens’ concern over protecting the natural and archeological beauty of the country. Guatemala’s current president now supports the large park’s growth and funding, as well as several private investors, who have similar worries about ancient artifacts being lost forever to time.

One such artifact that has only recently been discovered is more of a jungle sculpture than artifact. This new sculpture was located inside the Cuatro Balam park at a location called El Mirador. The sculpture is over 2,000 years old. This link between the two far off countries has added to the drive of Mayan tourism. Those who can’t make it to the Egyptian pyramids are equally in awe of the Mayan accomplishments, which can rival Egyptian pyramids in any engineer’s or tourist’s eyes. It is a strange fact that every experienced archeologist that has studied both Mayan and Egyptian cultures has admitted.

With pictures from the Chichen Itza Mayan Site.

Details of the Mayan Sculpture


The new Mayan sculpture discovered at El Mirador was revealed to the world by the Guatemalan governments Minister of Culture and Sports, Jeronimo Lancerio. The sculpture was carved inside a large stone “pool” that was designed to store massive amounts of drinking water for the Mayans. The elongated pool sculpture depicts the Mayan twin heroes, Ixbalanque and Hunacpú , escaping the underworld with their father’s head!

El Mirador Mayan Site

The El Mirador site is being polished up and finished as the star attraction in the 4,000-pyramid park called Cuatro Balam. By Guatemala government’s own words, they plan on making the Cuatra Balam area into the world’s largest archeological park. Since there aren’t many archeological parks to compete with, maybe a few dozen worldwide, 4,000 pyramids should put them right in front of the tourism pack, easily.

Protective Measures


The Vice President of Guatemala, Dr. Espada, is head of the country’s Socio-Environmental cabinet and is insisting on laws aimed not only at the long-term protection of the 4,000 Mayan pyramids of Cuatro Balam but, specifically the Mayan ruins surrounding El Mirador. To ensure that the Mayan architecture, and still unfound ruins, all stay intact and can survive for thousands of years to come, the V.P. of Guatemala is also pushing for more anti-logging laws to protect the Mayan environment that has kept these ancient structures safe.

Taking all this into account, if you want to see ancient pyramids on your next great vacation, then the 4,000 Mayan pyramid strong Cuatro Balam park is the area you want to go to. The area is stuffed with Mayan ruins, sculptures, and tropical wild life… bring your camera because there’s going to be too much to remember!