Mayan “Centipede” pieces are exhibited.


Some 50 pieces of pre-Hispanic Peru Waka city are displayed at the National Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, located in zone 13. The exhibition is open until May 28th.

GUATEMALA CITY. – The pieces are an indicative of the artistic and cultural legacy of the Mayan civilization settled in Petén, and have been obtained by the activities of The Peru-Waka ‘ Project, thanks to the archaeologists who perform investigations and excavations since 2003 in that department.

The pieces displayed underwent a restoration process conducted by experts from the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Pennsylvania, United States, Rodolfo Yaquián, Guatemalan restaurateur and with the collaboration of Denis Paiz.

The Peru archaeological site is considered important for the history of the Mayan civilization in addition to being in a strategic position due to its proximity to the San Juan and San Pedro Martir rivers. And the name Waka ‘in ancient Maya is translated as “the Centipede watery place.