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Perhaps one of the most exciting and dynamic experiences in the realm of mountain biking, Mayan jungle bike tours stands above all. Beyond the off road experience through dense jungle flora, mud pits, hills and thick tropical tree roots, deep jungle mountain biking, not that any other biking experience wouldn’t, gives one a very rewarding goal at the finish line: Mayan jungle pyramids and ruins.

There are some major differences between deep jungle mountain biking, and the traditional form explored by traditional tour operators. The main differences have to do with the speed of the tour, the process revolving around the tour, and the environmental elements involved in the tour.

Mountain Biking with Duende Tours


The environmental elements meaning the obstacles in the natural environmental play a very large role in deep jungle biking. Unlike biking in the Colorado hills or on paths designed for mountain biking in the U.S., most jungle mountain biking tours do not travel over designated “biking” paths; they just flat out don’t exist. This makes biking more exciting for some, and more dangerous for others. Biking through the dense jungles presents a plethora of trees, shrubs, bushes, and even wildlife that could seriously dampen your biking experience. Add mud pits into the mix and you have a recipe for an extreme experience. Most tours set out in teams with either first-aid and/or bike-aid support agents on horseback or bikes. Furthermore, the absence of biking paths also creates hazards in terms of protruding roots and rocks hidden by low-lying foliage or leaves.


The terrain itself is dynamic in the sense that one never knows when a mud pit or hill is coming up, especially at high speeds. In order to have a worthwhile experience, most tour operators, at the safety conscious ones, will guide a tour at a slow to moderate speed, only speeding up when needed. The reason for a slow to moderate speed is two fold:

1.    To avoid the hazards, or seriousness of the hazards created by the aforementioned environmental elements.
2.    Deep jungle biking per se is not the main attraction of the tour. It is, as stated, a dynamic experience, or at least it is supposed to be.


Ladder point refers to the unique scenic qualities that are experienced during a biking trip. The biking portion is a fun means of transportation to and from ancient Mayan jungle ruins and pyramids. It’s about the journey AND the destination. There is no other place on earth especially on mountain biking tours where you will encounter toucans, howler monkeys, cenotes, and everything the dense jungle has to offer in terms of sites and sounds. A bike tour through this environment at high speeds is not only dangerous, it is also a shame.

The process of the tour, one can surmise has to do with everything aforementioned. The process in terms of the logistics on bike safety, meaning helmets stretching, water, proper bikes…etc applies, but there is also the very prevalent foreign country element. Taking the respect for the jungle, its flora, fauna, and hidden ancient Mayan ruins for granted may be more deleterious to your health than you would think. As the luxury of first class medical and judicial facilities do not exist in the middle of the jungle as they do in most of the 1st world, it is very important to reserve oneself to a universal conservative code of conduct, especially when one is not familiar with the local customs and traditions. No more needs to be said on this subject as Duende Mayan Tour guides will help adjust if they believe it necessary.

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