Guatemala Jungle Tours – a Unique Experience for Everyone


In the very heart of Central America is Guatemala; a must for every tourist who is interested in nature, culture and history, a country with extraordinary ethnographic variety, cultural wealth, geographic diversity and a zone of economical and cultural contacts between all the cultures of Central America.

There are many ways to explore Guatemala. You can travel on your own or with some friends who are local and who can show you around and tell you more about the local culture and history. You can also choose to join one of the organized jungle tours, offered by many travel agencies.

Joining an organized Guatemala jungle tour

Joining one of the organized Guatemala jungle tours is one of the best decisions a tourist can make, as these tours will take you to a breathtaking world of national parks, authentic, colorful museums, magnificent archaeological sites, ruins and much more.

Visit Mayan Ruins

Some of the most interesting places to visit while on a jungle tour in Guatemala are the historical city of La Antigua, Tikal National Park, El Mirador, Lake Atitlan and other cities which, for decades, have been lost in the jungle. You can also see signs of the thousands year old Mayan culture and civilization.

Tikal National Park

This park is a cultural highlight. There are over 3000 Mayan structures spread over 576 square kilometers area. Tikal National Park is a part of the Mayan Biosphere reserve that spreads over 1.4 million hectares.

The stone-build temples, astronomical complexes, pyramids, causeways and houses were once the undisputed heart of the Mayan civilization. Today, they have been overtaken by the subtropical forest and are inhabited by a large number of species of both flora and fauna – monkeys, parakeets, toucans and much more.


A jungle trip to Tikal is equally interesting both for people interested in history and archeology and those interested in nature.

La Antigua

Antigua is a unique colonial city, nestled between three volcanoes. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is over 400 years old. The city was the former capital of Guatemala and features many museums, restaurants with local cuisine, art galleries, outdoor markets with hand-crafted items and many shops on the cobblestone streets.

The weather in Antigua is pleasant all year round and is known as the “land of the eternal spring”. This fact makes it an excellent place to visit at any time of the year, and the perfect base from which to start your trip to other popular destinations in Guatemala.

Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. It is ringed by three volcanoes, and its crystal clear waters are home to several unique lake-shore villages. Visiting one of these villages will allow the tourist to experience the Mayan culture, as in most of them the population still wear traditional Maya clothing and produce breathtaking hand-crafted items.


There is a lot more to see in Guatemala, joining one of the organized jungle tours is certainly the best way to explore as much of this unique part of the world as possible.

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