Visit Cozumel – The Famous Island Of Mexico


Cozumel, dubbed as the Island of the Swallows, is an island in the Caribbean Sea whose beauty extends further than its coasts. It is the third largest island and the second most populated in Mexico. It is well known for sheltering coral reefs and having white sand beaches, turquoise blue Caribbean waters and housing the ancient Mayan ruins.

It boasts its unique city, San Miguel, which is known for its elegance by having a combination of colonial and pre-Hispanic influence and remnants, archaeological sites, paradise like beaches and countless activities to make your stay enjoyable and memorable.

Situated east of Playa del Carmen, this beautiful island’s sheltered coral reefs were made famous by Jacques Cousteau in 1960. From then on, the island became well known to American divers and its piers welcomed the arrival of tourist cruise ships which gave Cozumel international fame.


Brief History


According to recent investigations, the first settlers arrived around the second century BC and they were believed to be a part of semi nomadic groups dedicated to fishing and hunting.

In the third century AD, the second group of settlers arrived who were made up of Mayans from the Guatemalan Petén region.

The third migrant wave, of chontal Mayans were dedicated to trade and navigation, arrived to the island during the eighth century from Tabasco. They introduced the worship of the god Ix Chel among the others.

The Celerain light house is located within the Punta Sur, the largest ecological reserve in Cozumel as it encompasses the southern tip of the island. The reserve is inhabited by many species of animals, 220 different species of birds, reptiles and giant turtles that come to lay their eggs between June and August. Also, a navigation museum can be visited here where you can learn the history of Cozumel and the evolution of navigation since the Mayan civilization until today.

El Caracol is an ancestral structure or an antique light house used by the Mayans to warn the population of a coming hurricane.

Trip Around The Island


One of the best ways to enjoy Cozumel is riding a car as this will enable you to see its long coastline, offering a beautiful sight of the paradise-like beaches.

There are many attractions that will surely keep every visitor in Cozumel busy. Visit Chankanaab National Marine Park, go on a deep-sea adventure, embark on a dinner cruise, take a safari adventure tour, take a swim at the beach, play golf at Cozumel country club, enjoy Mexican foods, go shopping for bargains and a whole lot more.


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