Hiking Trails and Adventure Trips in Guatemala


The rugged mountains and deep jungles, not to mention the teeming wildlife in the virgin rainforests, are all the reasons why you should go on hiking and adventure trips in Guatemala. The vast jungle of Guatemala presents great hiking opportunity for the avid backpackers.

If you’re one of them, you shouldn’t dare miss this opportunity to go trekking up on the mountains. Just add a little human intervention provided by the local Mayan people, and this trip can be the most amazing adventure you’ll have in your life.

The Western Highlands

If you’re going on a hiking adventure trip in Guatemala, the first place people will recommend to you is the Western highlands. If you are up for the challenge of climbing the highest volcano in Central America, which is the 4,220 meter high Tajumulco Quetzaltenango, go pack your bags and prep yourself for a great adventure. You’ll find this not only very challenging, but also a fun sociable experience, as the place is so popular to outfitters. You will most certainly find someone along the way who share the same interests as you, and talk about hiking and all other things hikers talk about.

Lake Atitlan and the Guatemalan jungle

From the Western Highlands, it’s possible to have a look at the Lake Atitlan to the east, as well. The old mountain passes and the cloudy rainforests do little to obscure the scenic view of the blue waters of the lake below. The sweeping grasslands, long, winding rivers and their surrounding valleys, passing villages of the local Mayans as they flow, will definitely take your breath away. From high up the Western Highlands, you can get a good view of the entire Guatemalan jungle all around.


The hike takes three days, which ends at San Pedro La Laguna, a lakeside village in the Western Highlands. You’ll surely have a fun experience in those three days, cutting trails across the bushes, finding paths in vegetated rainforests, and finding wild animals in the deeper Guatemalan jungle.


If you’re up for a great hiking adventure, why not try Izabal. While cruise-ship folks and day-trippers go bathing in the Cerro San Gil waterfalls and enjoying in Rio Las Escobas, you can be more adventurous and go instead in the multiday treks to Izabal. This area is a part of the Montanas del Mico mountain range. The trek cuts deep into the forested heart of the mountain, winding left and right, climbing high up, and down low on the steep descents along the river banks. This is the place for hardcore adventurers who are in it for the challenge of the hike.


Trekking in Izabal will take you across the rainforest trails, up to the summit where a radio tower, Cumbre las Torrest, is built on. The trail continuous ever downward, from the summit, to the forested settlement called Carboneras, and finally ends in Rio Dulce, which is located on the other face of the mountain. These are only two places to go to if you are the adventure-type of guy, and happen to be in Guatemala. There are many more places to visit.