Mayan Jungle Highlight

Mayan Jungle Highlight Tour

The Mayan Jungle Highlight Tour gives you the opportunity to travel Mexico through Belize and into Guatemala.  This exciting jungle adventure offers you the best of Tri-National Tri-Sport adventure tours as well as the opportunity to see two very famous Mayan sites – Tikal and Yaxha.  On the adventure, we will be on a 2-day off-road trip taking bicycles or horses; rewarding us with intense jungle experience.

The trip’s highlights also include a visit to Nakum, a well-hidden Mayan site plus an exclusive crocodile tour.  But before we go back to the stunning Caribbean coast of Mexico, we will take you on a special cave adventure in Belize.

Day 1: Travel to Bacalar And Visit Cenote Azul

On the first day of the tour, you will meet your group and guide in Playa Del Carmen.  From there we will travel 5 hours south by class bus to Bacalar.  The moment we arrive Bacalar we will spend the remaining time exploring the surrounding and take a dip and enjoy the rejuvenating waters in Bacalar´s Cenote Azul.

There are a lot of cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula which are natural sinkholes that are connected to an endless system of underground-rivers.  Cenote Azul is one of the most impressive cenotes which is 90 meter deep clear of blue water.  

Bacalar was a significant defense point during the days of the Spanish occupation because the pirate ships used to visit the lagoon.

Today, the historical defense point holds an interesting museum about the history of piracy.

To prepare for the upcoming journey we will spend the night in typical Cabanas.

Day 2: Travel To Yaxha And Night Walk

These succeeding days will be devoted to visiting the Mayan ruins and to seeing other incredible sights.  We will travel across Belize and proceed deep into the jungles of Yaxha in Guatemala.

Before our arrival to the Yaxha National Park site we will have camping and set-up lunch.  Prior to calling it a night, we will take you to a night walk through the Yaxha National Park to see and explore jungle’s nocturnal flora and fauna.

Day 3: Visit Topochte Island In The Morning, Sunset From Yaxha Ruins In The Afternoon, Camp In Yaxha

On the third day of the tour we set-out on boat or canoe across Lake Yaxha to Topoxte Island to experience a very unusual Mayan phenomenon, the miniature Mayan ruins.

The locals of Guatemala claim that these miniatures ancient pyramids were built to pay homage to the duendes or what they call spirits of the Mayan jungle.

Then we head back to our camp and relax at the lake’s shore or explore its surroundings after the trip to Topoxte.  We will walk to the ruins of Yaxha in the late afternoon and climb the tallest temple in the site to get an awe-inspiring view of the sunset.

Day 4: Cycle Or Horseback Ride To Nakum, See Ruins In Nakum, Camp In Nakum

The fourth day of the adventure will be spent following a jungle road that leads us 17 km or 11 miles deeper into the Mayan world and going to another impressive archaeological site which is Nakum in Guatemala.

This will be a very enjoyable as well as a challenging ride for those who already have off-road cycling experience.

Horseback riding will be another option in the case the road is too muddy in order to reach this wonderful destination, no experience needed.  We will explore the remote Mayan concealed deep inside its protected jungle ruins after arriving in the beautiful campsite of Nakum.

Only a few people have reached this remote and ancient Mayan site wherein excavations continue to this day.  Reaching the remote site will surely give you a mystic feeling.

Day 5: Cycle Or Horseback ride Back To Yaxha, Sleep In Tikal

We will head back to Yaxha, saddle-up and leave Nakum but we will have the chance to take pleasure from a refreshing break at Lake Yaxha before a private van will bring us to Tikal.  The moment we arrive Tikal, we check-in at the Jaguar Inn hotel which is just a short distance-walk away from Tikal’s archeological site entrance.

We will spend the night in Tikal National Park and we will get the chance to see the park at sunset and sunrise as well as see beautiful colors and abundant wild life.

Day 6: Visit Tikal And Transfer To San Ignacio

On the sixth day of our tour we will have an amazing guided tour of the Tikal ruins and National Park.  We will climb the highest pyramid of Tikal and get a spectacular view of the vast Mayan jungle.  What’s more is that we will surely enjoy the company of exotic jungle wildlife like toucans, coatis and monkeys.

After that our private transportation will take us to the Cayo District in Belize in the afternoon.

We will have a restful night spent in a typical Belize-style hotel on a fine-looking riverbank just outside San Ignacio which is Cayo’s main town.

Day 7: Cave Tour In Belize, Transfer To Corozal

The seventh day of the tour will be spent exploring the caves in Belize. The magnificent caves and natural beauty has made the Cayo District world famous.  We will travel north to Corozal, Belize and spend the night at a local hotel at the end of this cave tour.

Day 8: Travel To Tulum

We will cross Belize -Mexico border and travel up the Riviera Maya at the end of our journey.  Depending on our departure schedules we might have the chance to explore the coastal ruins and unspoiled beaches of Tulum, scuba dive in the world renowned reefs of Cozumel, or explore Playa Del Carmen or Cancun.

This tour is simply intense and exciting.  Taking this multi-adventure tour will offer you an experience you will never forget!