If you are after for tranquility, seclusion and total relaxation then there is no other place to go than Tulum.  Though Tulum is a perfect place to disconnect from the busy life of the city, yet it is also a wonderful place where you can find a lot of interesting and rich activities to enjoy.

Offering a combination of beach, archeological zone and town, Tulum is a perfect destination for exciting outdoor activities, Mayan culture and history, as well as Spanish influence of the place.

Being a small junction stop, Tulum Pueblo became a thriving town that supports an ever growing number of residence and visitors.  Services like phone and internet café are offered in the area.  Very good local restaurants near the beach and in hotel properties that serve tasty cuisines from Mexican to International sprawl the area.

When it comes to accommodation, you can find rustic cabanas and grand hotel accommodations located near the pristine beaches.  Accommodations in Tulum will give you a laid back experience and slower paced vacation – a great way to give yourself a wonderful break.

History tells that Tulum in its time served as a defense point against invaders as well as a port of call for maritime commerce that flourished along the coast.  But today, Tulum is one of the most visited of all Mayan ruins.  Not forgetting that it is also the Mayan ruin to be found along the coastline of Mexico’s Caribbean on the Riviera Maya.

The rise of tourism paved way for businesses in Tulum Pueblo to improve.  You can find many restaurants in the area which serve tasty meals and great ambience most of which are located near the beach and some in deluxe beach cabanas.  There are many things to see and activities to do in Tulum. I recommend taking an adventure tour to Tulum to experience its beauty and mystery.

Aside from the beautiful beaches and the amazing Mayan ruins, Tulum is also famous for its cenotes which served as sacred place for the Mayans and where they held their ritual activities or ceremonies.  Made by Mother Nature herself, these cenotes or crystalline fresh water pools are essentially windows to the immeasurable underground rivers that flow under the ground all the way through submerged caves.

For millions of years, the cenotes served as the source of freshwater to the land inhabitants.  You can find the best cenotes south of the Pueblo and along the road to the Mayan ruins of Coba.  These cenotes provide a nice spot to go diving, snorkeling and cavern diving.

The beautiful pictures of the Tulum ruins and the pristine beaches are proofs that Mexico is a destination for relaxation and adventure.  This is the reason why more and more tourist from around the world comes to this amazing place.

In this gallery you can see the pictures of Tulum’s white limestone beaches and sapphire blue Caribbean waters which are perfect for swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling and diving.  

If you want to visit other deserted beaches, go bird watching and see many terrestrial and aquatic animals then follow the road to Punta Allen which will lead you to Sian Kaan Biosphere.

So why not plan a day to visit one of Mexico’s hidden treasures. A tour to Tulum is surely worth it!