Situated between some of Mexico’s principal tourist areas such as Cancun, Oaxaca and San Cristobal de las Casas, Palenque is one of the most important archeological sites which sits in the jungle of Chiapas and nestled on a thickly wooded ridge.  Yet out of the way, Palenque is a must-see destination and experience when you are in Southern Mexico or on your next visit to Mexico’s southern region.  The town does not have any real attraction to boast other than the nearby ancient Mayan city of Palenque which is Mexico’s most breath-taking archaeological park.  

What to do in Palenque? You can go hiking amongst the dense jungle vegetation in the surrounding areas while appreciating plant and animal species in abundance in the Palenque National Park.  This mentioned park covers 4,200 acres and a home to a wide variety of bird species, not to mention you might get to encounter a jaguar and commonly see howler monkeys.

Palenque can be visited for a day but staying overnight is better as you can have a good rest in your hotel, have a nice evening meal, swim and enjoy a nice morning breakfast before you head to the park early morning before day-tripper flock the area and before the midday heat arrives. After exploring the park you can return to your hotel, have a nice shower and rest.

During the Mayan civilization, Palenque was deemed to be one of the most cities of its period.  It was the Spaniards who gave the name Palenque.  ‘Palenque’ means palisade or fence in Spanish language. The original name was like the Mayan history that remained a mystery.

We have here an extensive Palenque photos which shows the lush tropical forest and jungle with serene and mystical atmosphere.  Simple take a look at our photos of Palenque’s hidden treasures and be awed by the place’s natural beauty.  Visiting this place will take you back time and know what it’s like to live during the past civilization.

The setting of Palenque ruins is very impressive because of its dazzling architecture and the green tropical forest and jungle which complement each other perfectly.

Tombs of ancient rulers and leaders comprise Palenque ruins and excavations are still ongoing.  Approximately more than 500 buildings have been excavated.

Visiting Palenque will afford you special atmosphere so don’t rush your visit once in the site. Take time to explore the site by entering the main entrance; explore the main temples, other structures as well as the fringe temples.

If you want to enjoy the serene ambience of the place then you may sit quietly under the shade of the tree.  Many people actually enjoy doing this.

After exploring the park, you will find a trail which leads out of the lower exit which is actually the trail that follows the Otrolum stream.  Due to abuse by some visitors bathing was disallowed and this was also an effort to preserve the stream’s natural beauty.

Listed below are the main temples and structures found in Palenque ruins which you can explore on your visit to this amazing site.

Templo de las Inscripciones or Temple of Inscriptions are the main as well as the most attractive ruins in this site and also the first structure you will get to see as you climb up the hill to the old city.

The ancient burial temples – Templo XIII and Templo de las Calaveras or Temple of Skulls are found adjacent to the Temple of Inscriptions.

Another interesting structure is the El Palacio or The Palace – an intricate maze of courtyards and corridors which leads to rooms and comprises the distinctive tower.  The Tower was once opened to visitors however was closed off now.

There are also other structures and temples which are interesting and this includes:

– Templo del Jaguar or Temple of Jaguar

– Templo de la Cruz or Temple of the Cross

– Templo del Sol or Temple of the Sun

– Templo XIV

– Templo de la Cruz Foliada or Temple of the Foliated Cross

You can also find an interesting museum on site which recorded the history of Palenque and its artifacts. The two important natural tourist attractions which are the waterfalls of Agua Azul and Misol-Ha can be visited nearby.

The pictures of attractions in Palenque found in this gallery simply show the unfading beauty of the place but it would be best to go, see and experience the beauty of Palenque that these pictures hold.