Known as the City of the three cultures, Izamal is located in middle of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. It was known as the City of the three cultures as the place holds the ancient Mayan, the colonial, and the present day influences. Within the city of Izamal you can numerous pre Hispanic constructions some of which are currently under restoration which is seen to provide a striking contrast alongside the remains of Colonial Era.

It is also considered as one of the eldest cities in the state of Yucatan. The place was founded by Itzamna, leader and patriarch of the Mayan people during the 4th century.  

Seeing here the pictures of Monastery and Basilica Walls you can actually say that religion plays an important role in Izamal’s history as the Spanish conquerors made this as a Christian Sanctuary by converting Indians to Catholicism.

Due to the archaeological remains located in the town centre that includes the pyramid of Kinich-Kakmo, pyramids of Itzamatul, Kabul and Hucpintok, among others the city was dubbed as the “City of the Hills”.

Izamal is a beautiful colonial city worthy of a visit as it boasts interesting edifices and lovely old houses that are painted in white and ocher which you can see in the pictures of this gallery.  Being in this wonderful place you can feel that the city looks like a movie set.  It holds majestic scenery and a tranquil ambience because of the cobblestone streets and colonial iron lamp posts in the area.  Taking a stroll in the plaza is like traveling back time! You can either take a walk or ride a Calesa, a horse-drawn carriage.  The Calesa can take you to the plaza and around town for a decent rate.  The sound of the Calesa will make you feel that you are in the past.  The main means of transport for guest and locals in Izamal are the Calesas.

On your visit to Izamal, do not forget to see the Franciscan convent that was built over one of the Mayan pyramids as this is one of the highlights of the magical city.

Also, head to the Government Palace, here you can see the large model in the outdoor corridor.  You can also see here the tremendous number of Mayan pyramids that are scattered about as well as the entire town. Located north of the Government Palace you can see the most important the Mayan archaeological site of Kinich Kakmo.  The pyramid was largely unrestored and appears like a very symmetrical hill.  Climbing at the top of the pyramid will reward you a stunning view.  Also, don’t forget to visit Kabul, Itzamatul and the Conejo.

The Museum of the Community which is located under the convent in front of Cinco de Mayo Park is worth a visit.  Here you can get see interesting exhibits with Spanish information.

Also, deemed as a jewel of a colonial city, Izamal is a great place to visit if you want to be in a magical place that bears three wonderful influences.