Many travelers are interested to visit Chicanna simply because of the site’s morbid features which you can see in these pictures.  There is an enormous stone face of the sacred Earth monster found in the entrance of Structure II.  Though they recognize it as a monster yet it is the Mayan God who created everything.  You can see sharp teeth and tongue of Itzamna in the building’s porch.

Chicanna in Mayan language means “The house of the serpent’s mouth” or “The house of the snake jaws”.

Erected at the base of Yucatan Peninsula, Chicanna is located near Becan the reason why the architecture of both locations have similarities.  According to archeologists, the builder of Chicanna archeological site took advantage of a slight natural elevation in order to counter several groups of structures which functioned as rooms and enclosures where Mayans held their ritual ceremonies.

It as was Jack D. Eaton who discovered and named Chicanna in 1966 during the exploration of the area.  The name was given at the time of Chicanna’s discovery which referred to the facade of Structure II and according to the three Mayan words chi, mouth – can, serpent – and na house which means House of the Serpent Mouth.

This site is well known for its enormous representation of principal god of the Maya pantheon named Itzamna, which popularly known as the Earth Monster on the front wall of the lower construction.

While in Chicanna you have the opportunity to visit other ruins like Xpujil, Becán, and Hormiguero.

Chicanna is not a large Maya site yet it is worthy of a visit.  One advantage of visiting it is that it is close to the road and very flat.  This site has some of the best-decorated buildings in the region which are interesting to see.  The best-preserved monster mask door-way makes the place very appealing not forgetting the interesting Structure XX which is also worth well a look.  But many travelers consider Structure II to be highlight of the visit to Chicanna.

Visiting Chicanna archeological site will surely give you a different flavor of Mayan experience.