Known as the largest tropical forest reserve in Mexico, Calakmul Reserve is a treasure trove of Mayan history that sits in the center of the Maya Forest. Calakmul Reserve is located in the state of Campeche and on the border of Guatemala and Quintana Roo covering 14 percent of the state.

We have here the pictures of the middle of Calakmul reserve which extends 1.8 million acres of forests extend over 10 square miles.  This place is Mexico’s grand eco-archeological experiment and the best place to go bird watching and trekking with archeology.

In Maya language, Calakmul means “the city of two adjacent pyramids.”  Here you can see pictures of the massive Calakmul pyramids having spectacular view of the surrounding jungle.  It is common to see stele in Calakmul and there are over 130 steles that have been found in the area however they are hard to read as they are very weathered and worn.

6,750 ancient structures as well as, the tallest pyramid in Mexico consisted Calakmul.  It has a ball court, 2 acropolis, several temples, and numerous pyramids including one of the largest as well as one of the tallest in the entire Mayan world.

Jaguars, pumas, crocodiles and numerous bird species are harbored in this reserve.  Monkeys and birds of prey are also common sights.

Yes, Calakmul is truly off the beaten path yet really worthy of a visit.  There are affordable hotels in the area.  Going around is easy – you can take a bus or car rental or even hire a taxi.  But getting a packaged tour from Duende Tours will save you time and money not to mention you will be taken to the best sites in Calakmul.

In case you have never camped in a Jungle before and want an Indiana Jones experience then you can try camping out in jungle near the ruins. I guaranteed you will be in for quite an experience.

Calakmul boasts its tallest and largest pyramid but you can climb everything and get a stunning view from the top.

Since it is not well known and located off the beaten path tourists hardly reach the area which means you can explore and climb the ruins and enjoy peace and quiet moments at the top. The atmosphere in this place is very beautiful and unspoiled.

For people making their first trek to the land of the Maya or for travelers who are eager to see many of Mexico’s archaeological treasures, Calakmul is really a terrific area to explore.