Bonampak is located the state of Chiapas, Mexico which is secluded in the in jungle about 113 miles southeast of Palenque along the Rio Lacanja. Hidden away in the jungle for ages and stretching over 2.5 square kilometers, in this site you can find well-preserved ruins of a Mayan temple but the primary attractions of Bonampak is the group of buildings which surrounds the main plaza.

As you can see in these pictures below, Bonampak is a classic Maya site occupied from about 650-850 AD.  Bonampak means “painted walls”.  The pictures of painted walls tell about the people who lived in this place and their history.

The highly detailed and well-preserved frescoes, the painted walls and roofs of the three buildings are the highlights of a visit to Bonampak. These frescoes have attracted tourists and archeologists alike.

The marvelous wall paintings found in these pictures are found in the interior walls of the three structures which were painted in the last decade of the 8th century which depict court life, warfare, sacrifice, bloodletting, celebrations and costumes however interpretations may vary.

The structures in Bonampak which are in the pictures were built under the rule of Governor Chaan Muan II, who took the throne around 770 AD.

The very significant relics in this small archaeological zone which you can see in these pictures make the place interesting.  Even though Bonampak’s archaeological zone is small yet is filled with interesting story-telling murals which attracted archaeologists and gave them clues to Maya’s darker, more violent past.  Aside from that this place has become famous for its monolithic limestone stela.

There are several ways to get around Bonampak.  You can go there by car, by bus or simply rent a car.  But it is best to get a packaged and organized tour from Duende Tours as you will be taken you to the best places in Bonampak.