Have you been to Bacalar? In case you haven’t been to Bacalar then it’s time to get to know this wonderful place.

Bacalar is located in the southern part of the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico; it sits near Belize, and is 15 miles from the state’s capital Chetumal and three hours from Cancun.

Though Bacalar is not yet a very popular stop for travelers who are making their way through Mexico yet it is one of the most interesting places to visit in Mexico.  Not only that, Bacalar is also an ideal place for investing in Mexico as you can find a myriad of water front lots and condos at very affordable rates.

Bacalar has become popular for its natural fresh water lagoon which changes in seven colors. The locals called this lagoon “The Lake of Seven Colors” as it boasts a broad spectrum of brilliant blue and turquoise shades. Just like the Caribbean Sea, visitors are amazed by the lake’s clear and bright, fresh water.  The stunning lake is surrounded thick, old-growth jungle making it an ideal haven for abundant wildlife.

The lagoon is the second largest sweet water lake in Mexico which continues to be Mexico’s best kept secrets.  This stunning lake is located four hours south of Cancun and nearby several remote Mayan ruins and cenotes.  It appears like a wide turquoise river flowing through the jungle this is because the deep green tone of the mangroves and reed beds enhances Bacalar´s turquoise waters.

The beautiful pictures of the Bacalar lagoon simply tells that this place is safe, serene which makes it a favorite retirement option for Americans and Canadians retirees.  

The pictures of the breathtaking turquoise lagoon surrounded breathtaking scenery simply coveys that this place is very much attractive even to young investors.

Apart from the lagoon of seven colors, Bacalar also offers great places to visit such as:

• San Felipe, a Spanish Fort

• Town of Bacalar and its Cathedral

• Mayan ruins of Kohunlich

• Small Mayan ruins Dzibanche, Rio Bec, Kinicha, and Cachoben

Top things to do in Bacalar:

• Visit the old Spanish Port

• Stroll around Bacalar’s town and its Cathedral

• Explore many Mayan ruins

• Go fishing

• Visit the Safari Park

• Cave diving

• Wind surfing

• Boating

• Kayaking

• Bird watching

• Canoeing

Bacalar continues to gain rapid appreciation from travelers, tourist and vacationers and these lovely pictures of Bacalar are the proof of it. Travelers and vacationers who have visited the lagoon of seven colors considered the place a retirement paradise.  

This destination is not yet really known by international tourism but as you can see things are already changing as more and more developers, retired citizens, tourist, and local authorities are coming to realize the potential of this beautiful destination.