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Mexico has always been an interesting country simply because it holds a lot of treasures.  It is blessed with wonderful places to visit and explore. Of course, it is famous for its history, culture, art, religion, natural beauty, tradition and warm and friendly people.

It’s like a paradise to behold.  The sparkling blue waters of the Caribbean, the amazing Mayan ruins, exciting jungle adventures, eco-tourism tours, and the abundance of flora and fauna makes the place so appealing to visit. Needless to say, Mexico has something for everyone!

You will surely love Mexico as the place holds perfect natural surroundings and plentiful adventure travel activities.

Traveling Mexico will give you a lot of options on how to spend your holiday; the options will not just make the journey exciting but will let you have an experience of a lifetime.  It offers both adventure tourism and ecotourism which will surely appeal to thrill-seeking, adventurous travelers like you.

Imagine yourself swimming up close and personal with the Whale Sharks, the friendly giants in the Gulf of Mexico.  These gentle giants love to interact with people; they are harmless and non-threatening to humans.  The whale shark tours will surely offer you an experience of a lifetime.

If you are a nature lover then you will indeed delight in visiting Mexico’s protected areas or biosphere reserves such as Rio Lagartos Biosphere Reserve, Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, Dr. Alfredo Barrera Marin Botanical Garden, Coba Ruins, Ek Balam and Cozumel Island.  These sites are the best bird watching destinations in Mexico, here you can see abundant of bird species and a wide array of flora and fauna. You will get to see nocturnal ones as well.  Bird watching tours are definitely best for everyone! A school of Wild Dolphins, Flocks of Flamingos, Stingrays, Ibis, Egrets, Pelicans and more animals species are commonly seen in these places.

Aside from its famous beaches and diving spots, Mexico is also famous for its many Cenotes.  A cenote is basically a sinkhole with exposed rocky edges containing groundwater found usually in some nearby Caribbean islands and in the Yucatan Peninsula.   Cenotes are natural wonders where you can swim in its fresh water and explore the underground cavern with its remarkable natural beauty. Snorkeling in cenotes is sure to offer you an unforgettable experience.

Mexico travel would not be complete without visiting the Mayan ruins. Travel back to the Mayan civilization and learn more about the Mayans by exploring the many magnificent and enthralling Mayan ruins.  Visiting these archeological sites is surely one of top things to do in Mexico.

Imagine yourself at the top of the highest pyramid of Mexico seeing the vast Mayan jungle surrounding the temple pyramids, the various species of birds and the picturesque view of the setting sun.  I bet that sounds appealing to you!

How do you like seeing the wild and capturing their moments?  Photo Safari tour surely gives photographers  whether aspiring or seasoned to capture the magnificent wildlife of one of the most astonishing biosphere reserves in the Yucatan Peninsula on film.

Want to see some crocs?  Then why not join us on an amazing adventure in search of crocodiles in one of the largest natural reserves of Mexico.  Explore the jungle by foot; travel this jungle of tangled mangroves, enchanting lagoons and freshwater bays and see spider monkeys, raccoons, coatis, tapir, exotic birds, reptiles and insects.

There are a lot of things to do in Mexico, from zip line adventure, off-road biking, horseback riding, hiking, whitewater rafting, kayaking, caving, and so much more.

Just like the heaped dishes of food served up by the locals, Mexico adventure and eco-tourism offers colorful, unique and delicious taste of Mexico!  Simply see, explore and enjoy nature and Mexico’s beautiful spots at its best!