Adventure Travel Vacations

Adventure travel vacations and overseas adventure tours are not our first idea in mind when thinking of vacations, traditionally we think of fancy hotels, sandy beaches and filling up on too many alcoholic drinks. Or maybe we think of hi-rise buildings, expensive dining, Broadway Theater, and filling up on too many alcoholic drinks.


Adventure travel vacations

Whatever the picture is, from a tropical Caribbean island getaway, to a cozy Bed + Breakfast near a secluded ski resort, in all likelihood, your vision does not include deep jungle biking through the forests of Guatemala, or underground cave tubing in Belize.

Adventure Travel


Adventure travel vacations and overseas adventure tours are fairly new concepts to many people. The idea of a “hiking vacation”, for instance, one where you sleep in eco-lodges, or tents under the stars, where you travel on horseback, or on foot, and where you carry your daily food on your back, these are not the normal activities that come to mind when one thinks of going on vacation. More and more people, however, are slowly changing the notion of what a vacation can and cannot entail.

Overseas Adventures

Overseas adventures are something everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime. There is so much to be said for getting away from the normal, from the mundane, from what you’re used to. Even just going on an adventure outdoors, whether it be as simple as camping out in the backyard, or going on a nature walk around your neighborhood, these easy activities offer us a chance to unwind, to relax, and to appreciate the world that both surrounds us and supports us.


Take this simple concept of enjoying nature and relaxing, or perhaps venting, or even “getting away” from the stresses of life, and expand it to include countless other activities, really anything you can imagine doing outdoors, and there you have one of the key dimension for the idea of adventure travel vacations and overseas adventure tours.

The concepts of traveling, of seeing new places, meeting new people, exploring other realities around the globe, these are concepts that have been around for centuries. But it hasn’t been until the past 20 years that the overseas adventure tours and adventure travel vacations in general have taken-off. Nowadays tour companies create packages for tours that were formally only appropriate for the native intrepid backpacker. Eco tourism has shown itself to be more dynamic at times then the environment, incorporating new and exciting ways of manipulating the tradition hiking vacation.

Adventure Travel Vacations

And some may ask, “Is this a good thing?”. What about the environment? For that, we’ll have to wait another 20 years and see how both legitimate and “so-called” eco tour operators pan-out.