Beautiful and Bountiful Belize – Enjoy Ecotourism and Multi-Sport Adventure


Do you know any beautiful, bountiful place where lush rainforests and white sand beaches catch your eyes? Where the sea breezes are tempting you to have a dip in a sparkling turquoise blue ocean? This tropical getaway could be one of the best selling vacation packages tour providers offer. But actually, it is one of the best kept tourism secrets in the world. It is beautiful, bountiful, exotic Belize. Its unfamiliarity to the rest of the world is the main reason that it still has plenty of things to be discovered by excursionists and tourists alike.


Situated on the Caribbean coast, this Central American country prides itself on attracting a fair share of very discerning tourists. For years, Belize was outshined by its neighbors. A Caribbean tour usually brings to mind Jamaica, Aruba, the Bahamas, Barbados, and other islands off the coast of the Americas. But Belize has everything the islands have to offer as the perfect tropical retreat, and a rich treasure trove of history in the form of its numerous amazing Mayan ruins which appeal to those who love historical sightseeing on a break from the beautiful beaches.

Another important attraction to Belize is its eco tourism. Trekking into the thick Belizean rain forest allows breathtaking views of the unspoiled flora and fauna of the area. With the influx of many tourists, the Belizean government has spearheaded a number of programs to protect these sites allowing visitors to appreciate their great beauty without diminishing it.

One of the most fascinating treks is to go into the town of Placencia. With its small and quaint community, it gives the feeling of an exotic place like where Robinson Crusoe had his adventures. The ancient and mysterious Mayan ruins around Placencia provide plenty of fascinating exploration. As a matter of fact, sights of interest include the historical artifacts found in Mayflower, Nim Li Punit and Lubantuum. These are the sites where tourists can enjoy a glimpse into a distant and interesting past civilization.

And what else is a Caribbean trip without a dip into a warm, crystal blue ocean on a sun kissed beach? For sure, Belize has more than its fair share of the most arrestingly beautiful beaches the Caribbean has to offer. As a matter of fact, on Belize’s coast are interesting sites and cays abound. For other water-based activities, Placencia offers the water sports enthusiast fantastic aquatic activities. The main beach attraction is the whale shark diving where tourists can actually see close up these gentle giants of the sea as they approach the coast. Another site of interest is called the Great Blue Hole. From here there is a stunning panoramic view of the area where a large sink hole is being circled by atolls. Also, the site offers rich diving sites for scuba divers. Snorkeling and kayaking are also the other popular activities in the area.

These are just some the exciting activities that you will enjoy travelling to this beautiful tropical country. You will discover and explore many interesting sites that will surely make your tour an unforgettable event in your life.

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